Welcome to Share The Music.
   Far too many musical instruments end up unused, unplayed, alone in a closet because their students no longer take lessons.
   But it's hard to dispose of a valuable musical; instrument: a classified ad in the paper? donate it to a thrift store? maybe a pawn shop? none of these seem especially satisfactory.
   We take donated, serviceable instruments, repair and rehabilitate them as needed, and rent them (for a token $20 a year) to students who cannot afford ordinary instrument rental.
   The donor receives a tax donation receipt with a fair evaluation from knowledgeable experts. A music student receives an instrument he or she would not otherwise have.

Everyone wins.

   Bring your instrument to The Music Shoppe in Normal ( 1540 E College Ave # 4, Normal, near the Kroger on College. You can call ahead to (309) 452-7436.

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